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This fucking community is dead. And I hate half of the people in it. Emily, Tracey, bitches... I think we need to kick some assholes out of here. And make sure that only rad people are in. For real. Because a lot of these kids fucking suck and aren't rad. At all.

In other news, today was my last day of school and I've got a whole fucking summer of awesome planned out. It involves sleeping and driver's ed. And hating my grandma for not letting me go to VA. Jealous? Good.

Also, I'm really wet. And not in the dirty way. I mean, literally soaked. Because I ride around with slutty boys and lunch and we through water balloons at kids, then get water dumped on us. I'm cool.

PS; If you like too much emo, get the fuck out of my community. Seriously. Or if you like Lost Prophets. Leave. Now.
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