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x. Name - Emily. but you can call me em cuz everyone else does anyway. or mex. hah.

x. Age - i wont lie to you rad people. 15. hanging out with 17 year old boys makes me walking jailbait.

x. Location - new york city. never sleep. never leave.

x. Favorite Bands - [[sorry their totally random but. whatev]] rancid, nofx, me first and the gimmie gimmies, blink182 [not the new crap tho], bcr, jimmy eat world, ramones, simon and garfunkle, stiff little fingers, taking back sunday, yellowcard, the early november, yeah yeah yeahs, sahara hotnights, misfits, the strokes, and lots more but that would take like 49587234-9875 hours.....not inculuding the awsomely-fatabulous local bands around here.

x. What makes you rad - what makes me rad in general is that im a mexican- jew- from texas- who lives in nyc- and goes to fashion industries highschool. thats a conversation starter like woahh. what makes me rad this week is that ive lost 5 pounds eating nothing but chocolate. what makes me rad today is i accidently took 2 showers in a 2 hour period and didnt notice untill my mom told me after. too cool for school.

x. Anything you think we should know - if you totally hate me then be reallly reallly mean. i love being loved or i love being dissed like crazy. none of that i love your app. BUT youre a fatass. or your pretty but i hate your music so sorry. just say....go mow some lawns you dirty fucking mexican. ill understand.

some gay pics for your veiwing pleasure

steve-o pose?


praising the lord?

me being an idiot.

so... BASH ME N0W i GUESS?</>

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