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Hi, this is basically just a community of really rad kids, that know they are rad. You have to be accepted to post, but once you are, feel free to post anything. Slash, artwork, writing, cool things you said/did, whatever you want.

1. You have to be 15 to apply. Why? Because we're tired of stupid little kids applying, and being generally stupid.
2. When applying, you have to promote us in at least one other place. Keep this shit alive.
3. If you get rejected, remove yourself from the community, or your ass is getting banned.

I'm sure there are some more rules. I'll add them when I think of them.

Here is the form thing you need to fill out if you want to join. Don't post anything else until you do this. We expect you to kill it on this survey too and give lots of examples of how rad you are.

x. Name -
x. Age -
x. Location -
x. Favorite Bands -
x. What makes you rad -
x. Anything you think we should know -
x. Picture of you (we're shallow and totally judge on looks.)
x. Link to where you pimped us -

Only the mods will decide if you get in or not. There won't be voting by other members or anything. We're picky assholes too, and we will probably be mean if we don't like you. That's just how we roll.





Slash Pairings:
Matt Lovato/Jeremiah Rangel; _nbxmas
Billy Martin/Daniel Johns; _automaticstop
Billy Martin/Brian Molko; in_the_shade
Joel Madden/Chris Wilson; ryxscreamer
Tony Lovato/Jade Puget; infinitexmisfit
David Desrosier/Tim Armstrong; heroinbob513
Mark Hoppus/Tom Delonge; epouvante
Pierre Bouvier/David Desrosiers; cauterizemylove
David Desrosiers/Jeph Howard; strawberry_x

Sex Slaves:
Matt Lovato; _nbxmas
Jade Puget; xpoisonedhearts
Christaine J.; _automaticstop
Davey Havok; in_the_shade
Conor Oberst; ryxscreamer
Matt Skiba; infinitexmisfit
David Desrosiers; strawberry_x
Jesse Lacey; epouvante
Sebastien Lefebvre; cauterizemylove
Dan Navetta; xxheartlikeagun

Jeremiah Rangel; _nbxmas
Tony Lovato; xpoisonedhearts
Jeph Howard; _automaticstop
Daniel Johns; in_the_shade
Jordan Pundick; ryxscreamer
Ryan Sinn; infinitexmisfit
David Desrosiers; heroinbob513
Ville Valo; epouvante
Amy Lee; cauterizemylove
Vinnie Caruana; xxheartlikeagun
Quinn Allman; strawberry_x

Vinnie Caruana; _nbxmas
Jade Puget; xpoisonedhearts
Kevin Page; _automaticstop
Billy Martin; in_the_shade
Clutch (SoCo); ryxscreamer
Tony Lovato; infinitexmisfit
David Desrosiers; heroinbob513
Matt Skiba; epouvante
Liam Young; cauterizemylove
Daryl Palumbo; xxheartlikeagun
Conor Oberst; strawberry_x

Brody Dalle; _nbxmas
Natalie Bolanos; xpoisonedhearts
Amy Lee; _automaticstop
Gwen Stefani; in_the_shade
Shirley Manson; ryxscreamer
Agent M; infinitexmisfit
Debbie Harry; epouvante
SAMI; cauterizemylove
Emily McSexy; xxheartlikeagun
Jenna! (cauterizemylove); strawberry_x

Personal Advisors:
Strong Bad; _nbxmas
Andrew (SoCo); _automaticstop
Lars Frederickson; in_the_shade
Tim Armstrong; strawberry_x
Adam Lazzara; infinitexmisfit
Tony Lovato; heroinbob513
Rivers Cuomo; epouvante
Gir; cauterizemylove

the Movielife; _nbxmas
AFI; xpoisonedhearts
Brand New; _automaticstop
Rancid; in_the_shade
The Distillers; infinitexmisfit
Green Day; heroinbob513
New Found Glory; hangthedj
Alkaline Trio; epouvante
For Amusement Only; cauterizemylove
GlassJAw; xxheartlikeagun
Story of the Year; strawberry_x

"Hand Grenade"- the Movielife; _nbxmas
"Synesthesia"- AFI; xpoisonedhearts
"Underground Network"- Anti-Flag; _automaticstop
"Screamer"- Good Charlotte; in_the_shade
"Grand Theft Autum" - Fall Out Boy; ryxscreamer
"Sick of it All" - The Distillers infinitexmisfit
"I miss you"-Blink-182; heroinbob513
"On A Rope"- Rocket From The Crypt epouvante
"November Rain" - Guns and Roses; cauterizemylove
All GlassJAw songs, ever; xxheartlikeagun
"You're So Last Summer" - TBS; strawberry_x

Claims are here from now on.